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Solving the ESG Data Challenge

ESG Clearing House founders ABN AMRO, Signify, and Visma invite you to join their webinar: Solving the ESG Data Challenge.

Why you should join this webinar:

The need for reliable, standardised ESG Data is increasing at a rapid speed due to the following: 

  • upcoming legislation and standardisation: CSRD, SFDR, CSDDD and ISSB
  • increasing demand from investors, business partners and other stakeholders 

In this webinar, we explore:

  • the need for a standardised ESG data exchange
  • how to improve ESG data quality: comparable, reliable, complete
  • a solution for the collection and exchange of ESG data

Who should join?

Professionals who work with ESG data, who are active in sustainability reporting or stakeholder management. 

Fill out the form below and join: Solving the ESG Data Challenge

Can't Make it?

Register anyway and we'll send you the recording.

Date and Time

Tuesday 22 November 2022

15.00 - 16.00


  • Erik Breen:  Welcome and introduction
  • Wim Bartels: The Future of ESG Data
  • Juliette Gaussem: About the ESG Clearing House 
  • Victor den Bak: Demo ESG Clearing House
  • Panel Discussion and Q&A 

About the keynote speakers

  • Wim Bartels, European Sustainability Senior Partner, Deloitte and Member Sustainability Reporting Board EFRAG. Wim will address the ESG data challenge. 
  • Juliette Gaussem, Head of ESG Reporting, Signify. Juliette will introduce the ESG Clearing House.

About the ESG Clearing House

The ESG Clearing House is a non-profit, market-led solution for safely exchanging standardised ESG data with business partners, investors and other stakeholders.