Visma Connect wins data flows tender Tax and Customs Authorities

Visma Connect to build data portals and websites for the efficient exchange of data with the Tax and Customs Authorities

The Hague - 10 -11-2022, Visma Connect will build and maintain the data portals and associated websites of the Dutch Tax and Customs Authorities. Companies and organisations use data portals to submit information to the Tax and Customs Authorities. Childcare organisations, guest parent agencies, car leasing companies and financial institutions use these portals. 

The portals enable the Tax and Customs Authorities to collect and process data more efficiently, optimise the underlying processes and communicate better with stakeholders. 

"Secure and structured information exchange has been part of Visma Connect's core business since its inception." Says Kim Andersen, Managing Director of Visma Connect. "We do this in the SBR program, for the financial sector and in the area of sustainability information. It is a great honour for us to now be able to do this for the Tax Authorities as well. But other government organisations can also benefit greatly from the standardised approach to data exchange."


The high-quality score, clear approach and experience of Visma Connect and how this experience can be deployed for the benefit of the Tax and Customs Authorities were decisive in winning the tender.

Tax and Customs Authorities make it more improve efficiency and accessibility 

To make it easier for citizens and businesses to exchange data with the Tax and Customs Authorities, the Tax and Customs Authorities are digitising more and more processes and data flows. 

This project initially revolves around eight portals with a total of 10 data flows related to, for example, owner-occupied housing for private individuals, benefits for guest parent agencies and the exchange of data on foreign taxpayers (FATCA). 

The portals are being developed according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. Thus, the websites are also accessible to people with visual or hearing impairments. 

Security and ease of use first

The portals developed by Visma Connect enable citizens and businesses to securely exchange data with the government. The portals meet the Tax and Customs Administration's high security and safety requirements. 

The portals are hosted at Overheidsdatacenter Noord (ODC-Noord), one of the four government data centres in the Netherlands. This allows the Tax and Customs Administration to better control the processes involved. The websites run on an environment and infrastructure hosted by the government itself. This benefits the security of the underlying data streams. 

Ease of use

The portals are developed to be easy and intuitive to manage, and changes and updates are easy to implement.

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