The Zoetermeer city card is going digital!

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The Zoetermeer city card is keeping up with the times! Users will receive a new card starting January 1, 2020. Digital credit will replace the paper discount vouchers currently in use. As a result  Zoetermeer city card holders will have insight into their card balance.

Consumers and service providers affiliated with the card will now have access to a new website portal: When you request the card, you just have to upload your photo and can then take advantage of many attractive offers.


The Zoetermeer city card’s digitization was made possible through a collaboration between Zoetermeer’s municipality and Visma Connect.

Ease of use for everyone

Driving this change is a need to increase ease of use for providers and card holders. Therefore, It’s now easier for the municipality to make payments to service providers. These affiliated businesses can now also add special offers themselves using the new website. For card holders, this means a single portal where they can access all the benefits and get information about their balance at any time.

More information

For more information about the Zoetermeer city card, please visit:

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Tagged with:

Blockchain, News