Visma Addo now available in the Netherlands to offer secure digital signatures

The service offers eIDAS compliant signatures

Visma Connect, the specialist in qualified and secure information exchange, is proud to announce the launch of Visma Addo in the Netherlands. Visma Addo is the preferred secure digital signature provider in Scandinavia, with widespread adoption in Denmark. As of today, the solution is also available in the Netherlands.

Facilitating secure business transactions

Digitisation has permeated every aspect of our lives. Yet, signing agreements still requires a lot of red tape. After all, how can you make sure an agreement signed with an electronic signature has the same legal validity as one that is signed with ink on paper?

Electronic signature types have different legal standings depending on the country or region. In the European Union, the eIDAS regulation emerged to establish a consistent legal framework for electronic signatures. Article 25 of the eIDAS regulation contains a decisive ban on discrimination against agreements concluded digitally. In other words, as an enterprise or authority, you cannot refuse to accept or recognize contractual documents solely on the grounds that they are digitally signed. The regulation also specifies that Qualified Electronic Signatures have the same legal effect as handwritten ones and are recognized as legally valid in EU member states. Therefore, having a solution in place for electronic signatures is more important than ever.

Speed and Convenience

Visma Addo is ideal for banks, insurance providers, and other financial institutions, as well as companies, government institutions and healthcare organisations. The service is designed to help your organisation sign legally valid agreements with speed and convenience. It also enables you to automate your (internal and external) approval workflows.

Signature types

Visma Addo offers signatures compliant with the eIDAS Regulation. In all cases, the service offers assurance to both signatories by providing an audit trail of the entire transaction. It also protects the document against tampering. Besides signing a document, Visma Addo provides a qualified electronic sealing solution using PAdES-B-LTA: a standard for PDF signed documents with long term archive time-stamps.

Advanced electronic signatures are generated using cryptographic methods and include an identity verification check, through additional services like eHerkenning, iDIN, or advanced 2-factor authentication. Use cases include work contracts, SIM card contracts, preliminary house purchases, insurance policies, debt and assets transfers or contracts between businesses.

How does it work?

With Visma Addo, you simply upload a file and select the signing method that is most appropriate for your use case. You can choose between touch screen, SMS codes and advanced 2-factor authentication, other signing options will follow soon (iDIN, eHerkenning, Qualified Electronic Signatures). The signing method determines the signature type and its level of trust. Then, you can send the document to the signatory with the click of a button. You can also specify how many reminders you want to send to the signatory and how long you want the signing invitation to be valid. The recipient will get notified by e-mail or SMS.

Once the recipient signs, you will receive the signed document with a transaction log that provides an overview of all the activity surrounding the file. You can also follow the progress in the administrative tool that’s included when you use Visma Addo. The tool is pay-per-use and affordable. You get the first 10 credits for free and don't need to commit to a subscription.

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