Financial Transaction Manager Developer

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Financial Transaction Manager Developer

Governments, companies, financial institutions and their customers - citizens and corporations alike - share large amounts of information with each other. From payments, tax returns and official documents to customs information. In all of these cases, information must be accurate and only accessible to the right person. Unauthorized access by others poses a large risk.

Since early 2006, Visma Connect has been involved in some of the most important projects in the field of safe and reliable information exchange. In the Netherlands, we have been behind the government’s Message Box App for secure digital notifications, as well as the Single Maritime Window. Visma Connect also builds Business Reporting Portals and is a major player in the field of payments.

Visma Connect is part of Visma's Custom Solution Division. Visma is one of Europe's fastest growing IT companies with over 10,000 employees, 800,000 customers and revenues of NOK 8,537 million in 2017. Visma provides software and services that simplify and digitizes business processes in the private and public sectors. Visma Custom Solutions offers Software and solutions for digitalisation of public services and advanced businesses

Project Overview

At Visma Connect, we are developing solutions for payments processing, initially focusing on delivering bank connectivity solutions to third parties (such as fintechs, accounting software and payroll). This will allow these third parties to easily send payments (files and single instructions) and retrieve account information via APIs to and from the banks.

Technology Stack

We are developing these services (mainly) on an IBM product, called IBM Financial Transaction Manager. Financial Transaction Manager (FTM) integrates, orchestrates and monitors financial transactions. The core processing of FTM runs on IBM Integration Bus (formerly known as WebSphere Message Broker) and uses DB2 as its database. The data model is based on the ISO 20022 standard for payments (called Internal Standard Format, ISF). The system runs on-premise on LinuxOne hardware and is connected to a WSO2 API Gateway solution (running on AWS).Process Flow Financial Transaction Manager

Developer Profile

The ideal developer profile would have the following characteristics:
  • A completed IT-education (Bachelor/Master)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in a commercial environment
  • A pro-active, can-do attitude, no '9-5' attitude
  • Experience with Enterprise Service Bus development
  • Experience with IBM Integration Bus and/or WebSphere Message Broker
  • Knowledge of and experience with Linux, MQ, JAVA and ESQL
  • Knowledge of and experience with APIs and JSON
  • Experience with DB2
  • Experience with IBM Integration Bus Toolkit or WebSphere Message Broker toolkit (pre)
  • Familiarity with payments in general and ISO20022 in particular (pre)
Please note that experience with Enterprise Service Bus development is a necessity, sole JAVA developer knowledge is insufficient.

In the project, we are continuously connecting new banks to the platform. As banks typically have implemented their version of the (payments and account information) APIs, a mapping needs to be done between the APIs published by the banks on their development portals and the FTM internal format (ISF). These mappers also need to be coded and tested. This needs to be done for banks in the Nordics, as well as BeNeLux and Germany.


In addition to connecting new banks, the application logic is coded in 'actions'. These actions contain small pieces of software code that execute things like validations, enrichments, duplicate checking, etc. Coding (some of) these actions is also a task that needs to be done.

Finally, for one of our customers, on top of developing the above, we also need a small bit of GUI development to be done. There is an existing GUI, running on an out-of-date platform, which needs be re-engineered (and upgraded where possible). This is a distinct (and one-time) piece of work, separate from the ongoing connecting of new banks on the platform.

Reference Material

For potential developers, it is recommended to read the IBM FTM Redbook. Especially the sections relating to mapper design and development are relevant for the tasks ad hand. Developers with Enterprise Service Bus knowledge (and especially IBM Integration Bus experience), should be able to understand the redbook and the methodology without any additional extensive training. However, there is an additional course on IIB (both classroom as well as online).  Specific FTM courses are also available, but can potentially be taken internally as well.

Visma Connect offers you

  • A good salary (for this position a maximum of € 5.123,- per month based on full-time employment of 40 hours).
  • Good working atmosphere and a great team with enthusiastic colleagues
  • non-contributory pension
  • Flexibility
  • 1 year contract and in the event of proven suitability, a permanent employment contract
  • Training, education and development opportunities
  • Vacation; 26 days based on full-time employment of 40 hours and the possibility to purchase extra days
  • An appropriate mobility scheme
  • A nice place to enjoy a well-cared-for lunch together every day

Application procedure

Are you interested in joining our team and do you want to apply? Please, send your resume and motivation before December 3, 2019 to

A personality assessment and reference check are part of the application procedure. In addition, a statement about the behavior (VOG) will be requested before you join Visma Connect.

This vacancy is posted internally and externally at the same time. Internal candidates are preferred if there is evidence of equal suitability.

Tagged with:

Jobs, IT, Engineer, developer, FTM

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