Visma Addo: Frequently Asked Questions

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Earlier this year, we launched Visma Addo, our secure digital signature solution, in the Netherlands. Addo goes beyond secure digital signatures and also enables you to streamline your KYC flows with custom questionnaires. We hosted a recent webinar on this topic, which you can watch on demand to see Addo in action.

If you’re curious about the solution, you can also check out commonly asked questions below.

General questions

Can Visma Addo be used to send docs securely as well?

There is secure file transfer built into the product. You can request authentication, so people can identify themselves before getting access to a document.

Can Visma Addo be used for sending questionnaires when the person signing needs to be identified/checked?

Yes, it’s designed to do exactly that. Addo comes with a form engine you can use to design your own questionnaires. You define the mandatory fields, questions, etc and can make changes yourself. You can also request additional services for more complex or advanced KYC questionnaires. These services are provided by Visma at an extra cost.

Is there ID verification involved?

Yes, you can request an ID at any level in the workflow. We can also ask the recipient to log in using eHerkenning or IDIN to get access to your form, or to sign a document.

Are IDs verified in real time?

We don’t support verifying IDs like passports on the fly, but it is possible to build this into the workflow. You can work with Business Forensics, for instance, to do a screening of the documents in real-time.

Could a banking identification process be built in?

Yes. In the Netherlands, this would be using iDeal. In this case, users make a small iDeal payment to identify themselves. It’s combined authentication and verification in one.

Can Visma Addo be used for both repeating signing processes and single signing campaigns?

The solution can be used for both. Visma Addo’s campaign engine is used to control all transactions. You can send invitations and reminders for single signing campaigns, and repeat signing processes with a defined workflow.

Campaign Reminders

Is the frequency of the reminders the same for all or can it be customized?

They can be customized individually.;

Do you experience any issues with emails sent to users, like getting caught up in spam folders?

Some emails may end up in spam folders. Typically it’s less than 1% and we see a very high answer rate for these campaigns. You can avoid this by informing customers in advance that they will be invited to do the KYC process. That way, they will know in advance that the email contains a legitimate link. You can also supplement email notifications with SMS, that is supported by the platform.


Is Visma Addo a SaaS solution?

Yes, Addo is a SaaS solution, and has built-in security around it. It is designed to help you make the signing and data collection process efficient. It saves you a lot of time and gives you and your users a good user experience in an area where their interest might be low. In other words, it helps you optimize the responses you get in a KYC or signing flow.

What is the pricing model?

When you use the standard form generator, Addo is pay per use. You pay per transaction. There is no startup fee. Pricing varies depending on the verification/signing method you are using.

If you want custom KYC forms, depending on complexity and flows, the price would be quoted individually.;

What is the size of the population that can be handled?

There’s no limit to the amount of questionnaires or signatories the solution can handle.

Is support included in the price?

All our support is available free of charge when you use the standard solution. When you request custom KYC forms, support/consulting costs are included and specified in the project fee.

Business Process Outsourcing and verification 

Is there a Business Process Outsourcing organization that can take care of the follow up/tracking when using Visma Addo?

No. You can work with any third party or handle the follow up yourself. Visma Addo helps you collect the data and sign documents digitally in a secure way. Someone still needs to be involved on the human side to do identification and qualification. You could use AI to augment or improve the process, for instance by working with a vendor like Business Forensics, which does the screening for you.


Is there a developer portal for the Addo API?

Certainly. You can find information about developing integrations for Addo on the website. The API is provided free of charge.

Compliance and Privacy

Where is data collected by Visma Addo stored?

It’s stored in the European Union, in servers located in Denmark. Note that we don’t store data for more than 10 days. We delete it from our servers after that. You can have your own CRM or archive attached to the app using the API. We don’t hold the data for long.

What kind of IT security standards do you adhere to?

We have an ISAE3402 certification and an ISO 270001 certification. We take security seriously.

Is Visma Addo WWft approved in the Netherlands?

While Visma Addo enables you to collect information for KYC, your organization is ultimately responsible for verifying the information. Addo is your engine for collecting the data used for due diligence.

Specific use cases

Can Addo be used for pension’s “attestatie de vita processes” ?

You can set up an API connection with a pensioners registry to check if the person is still alive before collecting the data. But you should do some screening before starting the data collection in Addo.

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 Visma Addo helps you streamline compliance by combining digital signatures and KYC workflows in a single solution. The solution is ideal for banks, insurance providers, and other financial institutions, as well as companies, government and healthcare organisations. Visma Addo is the preferred secure digital signature provider in Scandinavia, with widespread adoption in Denmark. The solution is now also available in the Netherlands. Join our webinar to discover the benefits!  Visma’s Lars Nygaard will cover:

  • The importance of KYC and the current compliance landscape
  • How you can make the process more efficient with Visma Addo
  • A live demo of how it works

The webinar will take place on Monday, November 23, 2020 at 13:00  We hope to see you there! 

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