Tackling the Challenge of Technology Integration

Visma Connect  API Integration platform[2]

The Visma Connect Way

Today, we’re seeing a lot of business-critical Apps move to the cloud, prompting the need for integration between legacy applications and their cloud-based counterparts. We’re also seeing a much greater need to share data, both within businesses and with external parties. Public and private organizations are working more closely than ever before. Banks are collaborating with fintech entrants and acquiring new products to gain a competitive edge. Supply chain service providers realize there are compelling benefits to be gained from tighter integration with others. But the truth is, technology integrations can be very painful. They take a toll on an organization’s resources, shift the focus away from the business’ core differentiators, require very specific skills and are difficult to maintain in-house.

There’s a strong case for outsourcing technology integrations

There’s no doubt that the world is becoming more connected, but it’s also becoming more volatile. To survive and stand out in this environment, businesses need to focus on their core products. These are often contained applications that need connectivity with different sources of information. These integrations are not something you can easily add on top of your portfolio. They can be a business on their own. It’s hard to obtain knowledge about systems integration and even harder to keep it up to date, especially with talent in short supply. A Gartner survey published in January 2019 shows that the talent shortage is perceived as the greatest risk faced by organizations. The lack of engineering skills, in particular, forces many organizations to take shortcuts. This, in turn, leaves them with a lot more maintenance work when it comes to integrations. Working with a specialized service provider is a much more attractive alternative.

Visma Connect is a leader in secure and reliable information exchange. We have an excellent track record in automating the exchange of information for tax offices, chambers of commerce, customs offices, financial institutions and more.

The Dutch government is one of many customers using our integration services. We make sure messages are securely delivered from a variety of applications used across government offices, such as those leveraged by businesses to report sick leave to the Netherlands Employee  Insurance Agency (UWV). We also work closely with enterprises, for example in the realm of HR software, enabling them to connect additional products to their existing portfolio.


Visma Connect specializes in different integration techniques and can apply them across industries or domains. What sets us apart is our customer-focused approach. Before embarking on a project, we evaluate the customer’s needs through interviews & workshops with stakeholders. In most cases, we gather information, design a solution, build it and subsequently maintain it. We also have a self-service offering. We can deliver integration solutions on-premise or cloud-based, through application programming interfaces (APIs) or other formats.

Certified and secure

Besides having skilled consultants and people who are highly experienced in systems integration, we are specialists in information security. We are ISO 27001- certified and ISO- 20000 certified.

Our toolbox includes:

  • FTP,
  • XML,
  • XBRL,
  • REST,
  • SOAP,
  • MQ,
  • SAP,
  • JMS,
  • HTTP,
  • HTTPs,
  • Edifact,
  • SMTP.

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